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On the US Presidential field so far…

…and the need for a proper Kabouter. In this week’s Spectator.

On “human” businesses…

…in today’s ft. filling in for the estimable lucy kellaway.

A new platform, Atavist, and pen name for my thrillers. Give them a whirl.

I’m trying a new digital publishing service called Atavist for my Benjamin Wright thrillers. There are three of them now dealing with financial high crimes and misdemeanors, and I think they look pretty snazzy. I’m also using a pen name, James Welsh, just in case anyone were to buy one thinking they were going to get a haymaker against MBA programs or a thumbsucker on sales. For the next few weeks, you can access them free provided you come through this website. After that, I’ll be charging $4.99 each for these blistering summer reads.

Please do try them out here and tell me what you think.

I’m working on my next during the summer. If the most interesting man in the world ever did read a book – though I’m not sure he’d have the time – I reckon he’d read a James Welsh thriller.


On free & not-so free markets and the builders of the American west…

…in the wsj.

On Elon Musk…

…in today’s WSJ.

On the bust-up at VW and Brian Grazer’s book on curiosity…

on VW in the FT and on Grazer in the WSJ. Grazer’s book I’d particularly recommend.

On the great sharing economy sham…

…in this week’s Spectator.

Ten Rules of Air Fighting

6a00e553cb00e4883401538de743dc970bReading about the Battle of Britain, I came across this list, the Ten Rules of Air Fighting, written by legendary RAF hard nut and Spitfire ace Adolph “Sailor” Malan. They were pinned up all over RAF Fighter Command.

  1. Wait until you see the whites of his eyes. Fire short bursts of 1 to 2 seconds and only when your sights are definitely ‘ON’.
  2. Whilst shooting think of nothing else, brace the whole of the body, have both hands on the stick, concentrate on your ring sight.
  3. Always keep a sharp lookout. “Keep your finger out!”
  4. Height gives You the initiative.
  5. Always turn and face the attack.
  6. Make your decisions promptly. It is better to act quickly even though your tactics are not the best.
  7. Never fly straight and level for more than 30 seconds in the combat area.
  8. When diving to attack always leave a proportion of your formation above to act as top guard.
  9. INITIATIVE, AGGRESSION, AIR DISCIPLINE, and TEAM WORK are the words that MEAN something in Air Fighting.
  10. Go in quickly – Punch hard – Get out!

A column on the importance of face to face meetings… the Financial Times.

On Lord Browne and Huawei…

…in today’s FT.


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