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My journalism appears mostly in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Spectator. I write occasionally for others about the likes of the French rogue trader Jerome Kerviel.

I’ve also written three novels: two thrillers, Dead Bankers and Ghosts, set in the financial world; and a novel, Bel Ombra, set in the south of France on the eve of World War Two, about a young banker who discovers his purpose in life as the administrator of a small island in the Mediterranean.They’re available as ebooks on

DEAD BANKERS — Four bankers are dead. Three in New York. One in London. The killings coincide with an inexplicable crash in the world’s stock markets. A mysterious trader is dumping huge volumes of assets. With the financial elite cowering in fear, Benjamin Wright is asked to discover the truth. Who is killing the bankers? And who else should fear for their lives? Is it a personal vendetta? Or has the public’s hostility to bankers turned violent? From New York to Paris to London to a climax in St. Moritz, Dead Bankers whirls through a rarely seen world of hedge fund traders, private equity moguls, Russian oligarchs and politicians. A world where glitter and power conceal the very darkest truths.

GHOSTS — Two of the wealthiest men in the world are engaged in a duel across borders and markets. One a pillar of New York society, who programs computer systems to trade the world’s markets. The other a decadent Texan living in Tangier who stalks the globe in pursuit of economic opportunity. But now their games have turned deadly. A prominent Japanese banker is found murdered on the altar of a temple in Tokyo. A ship carrying weapons from Tokyo to the Caucasus goes missing. And hackers are causing computer-based traders to lose billions. Ben Wright is hired to trace the hackers who have cracked his system. But when he gets to Tokyo, he finds he is as much pawn as player in this deadly game. Can he escape before he becomes its next victim? And how will he have his revenge against those who treated his life with such disdain?

BEL OMBRA — A story of love and war set on the Mediterranean island of Porquerolles. A young banker is sent to run the island by its mysterious owner on the eve of World War Two. Amid a colorful cast of characters, he discovers both his true purpose in life and love. But his idyll is set against the looming backdrop of war and impending disaster. Bel Ombra is a heart-stopping story set in the most beautiful place imaginable.

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