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A column on the importance of face to face meetings… the Financial Times.

On Lord Browne and Huawei…

…in today’s FT.

Go big or go home

My review of Bold by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler in the wsj.

Lawrence before Arabia

My review of Anthony Sattin’s fascinating new book The Young T.E. Lawrence in today’s

…and now Prof. Edelman apologizes.

I’m sure this was a totally personal decision.

HBS negotiation professor goes doolally over $4 overcharge on Chinese take-out.

Priceless evidence that obsessing over the details of a negotiation isn’t always the best idea. As I dimly recall, sometimes one should just step up to the balcony, have a good look at one’s BATNA and ZOPA and if possible build a golden bridge to the other side. Don’t just try to carve up the existing pie (or in this case the stir fried chicken with spicy capsicum), Professor Ben Edelman. Find a way to expand it! Don’t make it a zero-sum game. Make it win-win! For you and the Sichuan Garden of Woburn, MA.

Congratulations to Hilary Sargent and for their excellent scoop.

Returning to HBS

Yesterday, I found myself back on the HBS campus for the first time since I graduated to talk to a group of MBA students about writing and publishing. The campus is festooned – Ok, a few lampposts are festooned – with these banners displaying quotes from alumni and faculty  intended to stoke interest in yet another fund-raising campaign. Perhaps I’m getting slow, but it took a couple of reads before I could grasp what they were trying to say. If “You’re only as good as the leaders you have underneath you,” then who are you??? That aside it was great to go back and meet some of the classes of 2015 & 2016. Thank you for the invitation, Gong Ke Gouldstone, and all who showed up.

2014-12-02 14.25.432014-12-02 14.25.57

Reviewing the Moral Case for Fossil Fuels in the WSJ…

12/2/14. To quote one email in response: “Humankind is an evil and amoral animal and has always been so…Humankind doesn’t have any more wisdom, foresight and free will than an ebola virus.” Hmmm.

A piece on European deflation in The Spectator…

…Draghi’s loading the torpedoes, but the real issue is whether the old really want to hand over their wealth to the young.

How a British investor in Sierra Leone is grappling with the Ebola breakout…

my piece on Tom Cairnes and ManoCap


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