Harvard undergraduates relieved no finance jobs

Really? Really? Another reason why these institutions drive people crazy. Can’t they see how others will see this?

To quote from the Bloomberg story:

“At Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, undergraduates are relieved that they no longer have to fight the temptation of high-paying Wall Street jobs, President Drew Faust said, in an interview in New York.

“This year, many undergraduates told me that they were looking more broadly at career options due to the changes in the financial industry,” Faust said.

Students have stepped up their activism in the last decade, energized by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Obama’s candidacy, said Andrew Furco, an associate professor of educational policy and administration at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis.

“Young people have more of a social conscience now, or they’re being encouraged to develop one,” said Furco, who runs the school’s Office for Public Engagement.””

No more jobs on Wall Street = interest in other careers and the schools want a pat on the back for this?


3 thoughts on “Harvard undergraduates relieved no finance jobs

  1. Andrew

    Bloody hell! I’m so glad that you are blogging again, Phillip. Not being of the Facebook personality type, I can safely say that, aside from some satisfaction from your articles, you have been missed.
    What are you currently engaged in? Journalism and family? Or is there also a business angle somewhere?
    I’m raising my rather large Gimlet to you and saying “Here’s to us seeing more of you, Phillip!” Cheers!

    P.S. Have just discovered that, unfortunately, some nasty little person has left a Trojan horse on phillipdelvesbroughton.com and it is trying to infect any who go there, on all of the pages.
    You ought to let your site administrator know immediately. It was detected with Avast Pro and is a malicious redirect script called JS-Redirector [trj]. It can be quite destructive, to say the least. Hope this is of benefit to you.


    1. philipdelvesbroughton

      Thanks so much Andrew. Yes, I’ve been a derelict blogger, but promise to do more of it in the future. I’ll look into this Trojan on my site. HBS taking a leaf from the Chinese government playbook? I wonder.


  2. Andrew

    Most interested to read today that Harvard’s $30Bn endowment is being “eaten into” and so they have decided the cutbacks and salary freezes were not enough. They are now laying off 2% (275) of their staff.

    It never ceases to amaze me how such schools, with such an apparent wealth of knowledge in how to run things effectively, still end up behaving like something from the dark side of the corporate world.

    I read recently that the University of North Carolina, having lost significant endowments and public funding, needed to look for urgent ways to save money. so, one would expect that it would turn the job over to it’s distinguished Kenan Flagler School of Business to look at. After all, this is the place where such expertise is taught, isn’t it? Alas, no! Instead, it hired an outside company of management consultants at x Million over fixed period of 2 years to do!


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