Elevator Pitch from Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan had me record this two minute pitch for my book – I wasn’t entirely prepared, which accounts for the slight hostage-video quality. But there we go.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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5 thoughts on “Elevator Pitch from Amazon Japan

  1. Andrew

    “Slight hostage-video quality.” You have such a splendid turn of phrase, Philip! Your caveat had me laughing so much I couldn’t hear you the first time around.

    As to the pitch, it was well done and true to the book. Albeit, I don’t know whether you caught the preferred unique selling points for the Japanese market. Perhaps a Manga version, with you as the protagonist and the HBS Dean as the antagonist?


  2. Emilie

    I’ve really liked your book, i’ve read it in australia while i was travelling and wondering about what would i like to do in my life and this book helped me. you’re a good writer. Thanks


  3. Liked your book. Agree with many things, disagree with some. But do have to say that you DID capitalize from your HBS education by writing and then commercializing this book. If the school was Wharton or Sloan (both schools I graduated from), I serioiusly doubt the book would have sold or generated the hurricane it did. That’s the blatant irony in your statement at the end of the day. And you could only have written this book by attending and being an MBA students at HBS, noweher else.


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