The Hollywood Boss is No Work of Fiction

My Financial Times column 09/27/10 The Hollywood boss is no work of fiction By Philip Delves Broughton In Money Never Sleeps, the just released sequel to Wall Street, Gordon Gekko tells us that “idealism kills deals”. It is the most pungent line in the film, and a bracing rejoinder to anyone who argues that business is about… Continue reading The Hollywood Boss is No Work of Fiction

When To Turn a Blind Eye to the Facts

My Financial Times Column 10/20/10 When to turn a blind eye to the facts By Philip Delves Broughton The good news from the Gulf of Mexico is that the worst predictions of environmental disaster after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded are unlikely to be fulfilled. It’s still awful, but not as awful as first… Continue reading When To Turn a Blind Eye to the Facts

Beware the Superstar Chief Executive

My Financial Times column 09/13/10 The fascination of the Mark Hurd drama is that it contains all kinds of mysteries. A month after he was pushed out of Hewlett-Packard, we still don’t really know why. Was it because he fudged his expenses? Was it because there were questions about an inappropriate relationship with a female contractor?… Continue reading Beware the Superstar Chief Executive