Leadership is Not Just for the Extroverts

My Financial Times Column 11/29/10 One of the paradoxes of leadership is that the people who most want to lead are often the last people we would want given the responsibility. The pushy hack, the selfish careerist and the ruthless opportunist are just some of the unpleasant types who tend to force their way to… Continue reading Leadership is Not Just for the Extroverts

Keep it Simple to Understand Value

My Financial Times column 11/15/10 Value is one of those terms better understood outside business than inside. Any household bill payer knows the difference between good and bad value. Most of us have a keen sense of whether goods are priced fairly or not. But step into the corporate world, and suddenly the term goes… Continue reading Keep it Simple to Understand Value

Find a Way into the hearts of customers

My Financial Times column 11/8/10 Imagine a couple goes in to see a doctor who tells them their child will be born with a genetic disorder. It is mid-morning and when they emerge from their consultation, they see a row of parents bouncing their healthy children on their laps. The emotional shock they have just… Continue reading Find a Way into the hearts of customers

New models of innovation

A feature I wrote in The Financial Times 11/3/10 about new innovation models in mobile. Bob Ianucci, the former chief technology officer at Nokia, used to give a talk about the evolutionary patterns in the technology industry called “I’ve seen this movie before”. In it he described how every big technological change, from mainframes to minicomputers… Continue reading New models of innovation

Why Boardrooms are not all Rock ‘n’ Roll

My Financial Times column 11/1/10 In his autobiography, Life, Keith Richards describes three phases in the management of the Rolling Stones. The first was when the band was struggling to escape the scrum of other boy bands that sprang up in the wake of The Beatles in the early 1960s. For this, they hired Andrew Oldham,… Continue reading Why Boardrooms are not all Rock ‘n’ Roll