Simplicity and the storm before the calm

My Financial Times column 12/27/10 Lew Wasserman, the Hollywood mogul who ran MCA, used to wait in his office until everyone had gone home and then walk around looking for papers left on his agents’ desks. If he found them, he would sweep them into the bin. A messy desk, he thought, implied a messy… Continue reading Simplicity and the storm before the calm

How to turn slack time into profit

My Financial Times column 12/20/10 We all have slack in our lives, hours when we could be working rather than loafing, talents that go unused and physical assets that sit rusting away in garages, lofts and storage units, which might better be sold or rented out. If we were managers of factories, supply chains or… Continue reading How to turn slack time into profit

Family constraints have their benefits

My Financial Times column 12/13/10 One of the keenest criticisms of modern business is that it places unreasonable burdens on families. Demanding employers and the proliferation of always-on communication devices, such as the BlackBerry, plunder whatever morsels of family life remain. Children are left to scratch out their own emotional educations when both parents must… Continue reading Family constraints have their benefits

Cloud Computing is Not a Passing Shower

My Financial Times column 12/6/10 One way you can be sure a revolution is under way is when generations fundamentally disagree. Cloud computing is one of those technological phenomena that has sneaked up on the wider world of business and now has people on either side of a generational divide bickering over its value. The… Continue reading Cloud Computing is Not a Passing Shower