HBS MBA class of ’93 avoids jail…just

A gloating friend emailed me this from The New York Daily News. Llewellyn Connolly, HBS class of 1993, pleads guilty to tax fraud. Saying he was living in London while living in New York. Pays millions of dollars in fines and has to spend 300 hours tutoring prison inmates. Gothamist notes Connolly appeared in the… Continue reading HBS MBA class of ’93 avoids jail…just

Prompted by the President’s appointment of Jeff Immelt as his jobs tsar…

I rustled up some numbers based on my hunch that G.E. may be wonderful in many respects, but U.S. job creation isn't one of them. Like any company of a certain size, its focus is on efficiency and productivity not job creation. And especially not job creation in high-cost labor markets like the United States:… Continue reading Prompted by the President’s appointment of Jeff Immelt as his jobs tsar…

You’ll never meet an ugly drug rep

Five years ago, The New York Times ran this piece on the number of cheerleaders who become drug saleswomen. It’s a great example of how even the most sophisticated businesses in the world rely on the most primal human tendencies to succeed. For the drug companies, the calculation ran like this: each blockbuster drug now… Continue reading You’ll never meet an ugly drug rep

Time to Stand Up for Middle Managers

My Financial Times column 10/11/11 The death of the middle manager is one of those headlines like falling house prices or rising university tuition that seem purpose-built to wreak mental havoc on swaths of the professional middle class. What other curses do the economic gods have in mind? These thoughts were prompted by a recent… Continue reading Time to Stand Up for Middle Managers

New rules of engagement for banks and regulators

A feature I wrote for The Financial Times 01/05/11 on how banks manage their relationships with regulators. Spare a thought for US bank regulators. On one side they have the banks, loaded with lobbyists, analysts and political contribution money fighting new regulations word by word. On the other, they have WikiLeaks, threatening to expose the… Continue reading New rules of engagement for banks and regulators

Management Gurus Up for Review

My Financial Times column 01/03/11 Whatever economic trauma besets the rest of Japan, its pop culture never ceases to throw up surprises. The latest is a novel about high school baseball shot through with lessons from Peter Drucker. Yes, that Peter Drucker, author of The Effective Executive; Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices; Managing for the Future and fistfuls… Continue reading Management Gurus Up for Review