Prompted by the President’s appointment of Jeff Immelt as his jobs tsar…

I rustled up some numbers based on my hunch that G.E. may be wonderful in many respects, but U.S. job creation isn’t one of them. Like any company of a certain size, its focus is on efficiency and productivity not job creation. And especially not job creation in high-cost labor markets like the United States:

  • In 1980, G.E. employed 405,000 people.
  • In 2000, it employed 340,000 people.
  • In 2005, four years into Immelt’s tenure, the number was down to 307,000.
  • Today it employees 304,000, of whom fewer than half are here in the U.S.
  • Between 2008 and 2009, the number of workers employed in the U.S. by G.E. fell from 152,000 to 134,000.
  • Below is a graph from on G.E.’s own website which shows not only the drop in employees, but also the dramatic drop in American employees over the past five years.

Is Immelt really the right man to be entrusted by the President with creating American jobs? Wouldn’t an entrepreneur, who has created thousands of American jobs, be a better choice?


11 thoughts on “Prompted by the President’s appointment of Jeff Immelt as his jobs tsar…

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  4. Mr.Immelt told Fareed Zacharia that he wants more US Government investment in R&D to help firms such as GE create jobs over the long term. Problem is that two of GE’s three research centers are in Bangalore and Munich. Mr. Immelt is a globalist and 100% free trader. No wonder; one has to question by what measure GE is American. We need out of the box thinking to address our shrinking industrial base, not more of the same.


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  6. Jane Doe

    I temped at GE in the U.S. About 75% of the time my job was to prepare work to go to India, and to purge files to go to Mexico. There was nothing efficient about it. If the temp agency had told me from the start what I was getting myself into I never would have accepted the assignment.


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  10. HimS

    Having first hand experience of running a global corporation which raises funding from the cheapest source, produces goods and services in the most efficient country and markets them to the most expensive market, I think Jeff Immelt is a good choice because not only is he aware of what jobs in the long run would have to disappear from US and what are the limitations of foreign job market which can be better solved within the constraints in US.


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