HBS MBA class of ’93 avoids jail…just

A gloating friend emailed me this from The New York Daily News. Llewellyn Connolly, HBS class of 1993, pleads guilty to tax fraud. Saying he was living in London while living in New York. Pays millions of dollars in fines and has to spend 300 hours tutoring prison inmates. Gothamist notes Connolly appeared in the latest HBS Alumni magazine and includes this photo:

I fished out my December issue to find this entry for Section A, class of 1993: “For another first, we received word from Llewellyn Connolly who writes: “Not sure I have ever written in. I started a new hedge fund in March: Eumaeus Asset Mgt. (Eumaeus was the shepherd for Odysseus, the keeper of his wealth.) Most important, I have been spending a lot of time in the last few years mountaineering and snowboarding, mostly in Alaska and South America.”

I wonder if that last line was a coded message to the IRS. “Not in New York, see????”

Eumaeus was launched in March 2010 and by July had $26 million in Assets Under Management. Eumaeus was in fact Odysseus’ swineherd rather than his shepherd. He is a model of simplicity, honesty and integrity, the very opposite of Penelope’s suitors who consumed Odysseus’ wealth in the expectation he would never return from Troy.

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