Reading list for entrepreneurs

I’m often asked what to read in the business literature.

At least as regards entrepreneurship, Tom Eisenmann of Harvard Business School has done a good bit of the heavy lifting with this very comprehensive and up to date list.

Eisenmann and Eric Ries are breathing life into HBS’s entrepreneurship teaching.

And I say that without the slightest hint of cynicism.


2 thoughts on “Reading list for entrepreneurs

  1. Thanks, Philip! There’s a lot of momentum at HBS around entrepreneurship. You might find two initiatives to be of interest:
    — The new FIELD course in the first year of the MBA strives to build students’ skill at putting principles into practice. All 900 students will travel to emerging markets to design a new product that meets local needs. Later, all will launch a business, trying to drive it from concept to revenue in four months.
    — The new Harvard Innovation Lab brings together students from all over the University to work on entrepreneurial ventures.

    If your travels bring you to Boston, please say hello.

    PS: enjoyed your review of The Lean Startup. We’ll be teaching these concepts in the first-year e’ship course at HBS.


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