From Willy Loman to The Real Housewives

The new Broadway production of Death of a Salesman is an emotionally lethal combination. I defy anyone to sit through nearly three hours of Arthur Miller’s words, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Willy, Andrew Garfield’s Biff and Mike Nichols’ direction, and not emerge suffering a full-blown existential crisis. Though more than 60 years old, the play, like… Continue reading From Willy Loman to The Real Housewives

Selling books to the “silver” market – the future of book stores?

The brilliant Japanese chain Tsutaya recently opened this gorgeous looking book store in Tokyo, Daikanyama T-Site. Analog, digital, a third space targeted at the "silver" or "premium age" market of over-50s, coffee shop, cocktail bar, travel agency, "concierges" the same age as the intended customers. When will someone start building these in the US?