Minister and Entrepreneurship Student love The Art of the Sale

It’s always great when people enjoy what you write, but even greater when very different seeming people have equally enthusiastic reactions.

Nanxi Liu, an undergraduate and entrepreneur at UC Berkeley, called the book:

“a fantastic, fun, and easy read. For anyone that is involved in sales or interested in selling, this is a great book… The book is motivation even for those not in sales who would like to develop salesmanship and confidence in presentation…Reading The Art of the Sale is like getting a glimpse into the successes and main lessons taught by history’s most famous entrepreneurs and salespeople. It is almost like a collection of short stories that keeps you flipping the pages. It’s a book that is great to pick up whenever you have a free moment or need a distraction because each anecdote is short and easy to read. I actually annotated the book with stickers to remind me of quotes that I liked! I haven’t done that since I was required to do that for my English class in high school. Hope you enjoy the book as much as did!”

Patricia, an ordained minister and lecturer behind, wrote:

“I could hardly put the book down, it was a great read and so well written…Selling is about understanding and using your own needs and emotions to find fulfillment…The Art Of The Sale  is what we will need when we give up playing games and being entertained, it is about the art of living life.”

Thank you to both of them.

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