No genius should go undiscovered!

Ivan Karp, the art dealer who died last month, is the kind of salesperson who makes culture happen. He was the rambunctious, Brooklyn-born foil to the smooth Leo Castelli, whom he worked with for many years. I wrote about Castelli in The Art of the Sale. Karp was similarly consumed by the desire to find artistic geniuses… Continue reading No genius should go undiscovered!

Stephen Covey – what he wrote is who he was

Before writing The Art of the Sale, I’d never much cared for Stephen Covey. I found his Seven Habits series preachy, obvious and bland. It was the same reaction I had to two other monstrous bestselling authors of the 20th century, Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale. All three took the techniques and story-telling of… Continue reading Stephen Covey – what he wrote is who he was

How to win the Tour de France – and anything else.

In 2010, Dave Brailsford, the performance director of British Cycling, and general manager of Team Sky set out a simple goal: a clean British winner of the Tour de France within five years. No Briton had ever won the Tour de France. Let alone, won it cleanly. On Sunday, Brailsford achieved his goal three years… Continue reading How to win the Tour de France – and anything else.