StanChart’s Reverse Ferret and the Indomitable Dimon

So Standard Chartered did launder Iranian money. After huffing, puffing, denying, blaming jealous Americans, and even having the British government argue on their behalf, they were quick to pull a reverse ferret and cut a $340 million check to make their legal problems go away. It's extraordinary, and rather dispiriting, how rarely banks fight for their… Continue reading StanChart’s Reverse Ferret and the Indomitable Dimon

Standard Chartered – the banality of evil

Standard Chartered has always been one of banking’s also-rans, unglamorous, plodding and banal. Citibank without the excitement. But perhaps we should have paid attention when it appointed a former High Sheriff of Nottingham as its chairman in 2009. Sir John Peace now sits atop an enterprise whose alleged criminality would have delighted King John. StanChart’s alleged… Continue reading Standard Chartered – the banality of evil