Translation help required…

I was just alerted to a Portuguese review of The Art of the Sale. Translation below.

I also just received a request from a business owner in Colombia who wanted to buy 50 copies of the book for his sales force – if only it were available in Spanish…

Thanks to Emilio Cecconi and Matt Lambert for help with the translation:

The Art of the Sale is very interesting because the writer of the book goes searching around the world for great examples of what makes a good salesman.  The book has many stories from diverse situations.  When you read the book you have a good idea of what makes a good salesman.

“And what story did you enjoy a lot?”

The story of the salesman from morocco is extraordinary.  The salesman is able to analyze the people who enter his store.  He is able to understand exactly what the customer is looking for.

“And what did you take away from this book the Art of Sale?  What did it change about how you approach your job?”

Companies that have a sales force generally look for other books.  They look for books that have a formula so people can sale.  This book is different.  He looks through the eyes of common people.  He takes stories that are very close to us.  He shows about the small details things that make a good salesman.

“Is it possible to be a good salesman if you aren’t an empathetic person?”

It is not easy.   Being empathetic helps a lot in being a good salesman and a good communicator.  You need to listen to people. You have to have to listen very well to what people want.

On the slide: A good salesman doesn’t sell products or services, he a facilitator of solutions.

Focus on the client on the entire process of the sale, from the preparation to the post sale.

“Inside your job did this book not change the way you do business?”

  No no, this book is required reading.  Everybody can relate to a certain part of it.




5 thoughts on “Translation help required…

  1. Emilio Cecconi

    Hi Phillip,

    I’m on an airplane right now so I was only able to listen to the first few lines of the review. The reviewer says, “your book is very interesting. It tells many different stories.” Reply to me here or email me and I’ll do a complete translation tomorrow. I’m a big fan of your two books.



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