Lincoln – selling for a greater good

Steven Spielberg's new film Lincoln is a masterclass is salesmanship. Lincoln's challenge in persuading Congress to pass the 13th Amendment, which outlawed slavery, was in many ways a sales challenge. Lincoln was faced with many different constituencies and he needed to persuade each of them in different ways. David Brooks wrote in his NYTimes column… Continue reading Lincoln – selling for a greater good

Return of the travel agent

Among the first salespeople  to see their business up-ended by the Internet were travel agents. Their offices full of brochures and 7-day package offers were swept aside by Expedia, Orbitz and travelers willing to do the legwork themselves to plan their own trips.  At the high end, companies which organized lavish "experiences", safaris, railway journeys… Continue reading Return of the travel agent

How youth is transforming real estate sales

This piece in the Wall Street Journal last week about successful young realtors demonstrates how the ability to sell can level the obstacles to advancement which exist elsewhere in business. A lot of them come into the business with family connections or useful social relationships. But what they appear to bring is a new mode… Continue reading How youth is transforming real estate sales