How creativity works – according to Pilobolus

I spent a morning with the amazing dance company Pilobolus at their rehearsal space in Washington CT, and spoke to its chief executive Itamar Kubovy for my latest Financial TImes column. Pilobolus believes that creativity emerges from the constraints imposed by the need to deliver a product. Perhaps uniquely for a dance company, its hierarchy… Continue reading How creativity works – according to Pilobolus

Why Italy still flirts with Berlusconi.

In a Wall Street Journal oped today, I explain why Silvio Berlusconi is back running for Prime Minister of Italy and why he should be taken seriously. I interviewed Berlusconi in January for The Atlantic, at the end of a month as a visiting scholar at the wonderful American Academy in Rome. Whatever else you might… Continue reading Why Italy still flirts with Berlusconi.

The Art of Fundraising

The NYTimes today has a profile of Jack Reynolds, the extraordinarily successful director of the Yale Art Gallery. Reynolds explains his own fearlessness about asking for money: “You need to remember that the number you’re asking for — whether it’s a million or a million-five or 20 million — has nothing to do with you,”… Continue reading The Art of Fundraising

Interview with Florian Homm – a reformed hedge fund manager

The day after Thanksgiving, I spoke at length on the telephone with Florian Homm, who used to run a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, before disappearing in 2007. He has since repented of his greed and I explain some of this in this interview in The Financial Times today. His book is available on Amazon and… Continue reading Interview with Florian Homm – a reformed hedge fund manager