Why Italy still flirts with Berlusconi.

In a Wall Street Journal oped today, I explain why Silvio Berlusconi is back running for Prime Minister of Italy and why he should be taken seriously.

Take it easy, everyone. I'm back!
I’m back!

I interviewed Berlusconi in January for The Atlantic, at the end of a month as a visiting scholar at the wonderful American Academy in Rome. Whatever else you might think of him, as a salesman, Berlusconi is peerless.


Skyfall Selling

I make the case in a Harvard Business Review post that salespeople need to set aside their technology every now and again and return to the old school methods.

When the technology fails you...
When the technology fails you…
...go back to Skyfall
…go back to Skyfall









My last HBR piece was on the most important predictor of sales performance. It has been one of the most popular sales articles of the year on the HBR website.