Recent journalism

I’ve been writing various reviews, columns and features over the past three months in my usual venues, the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal  and thought it worth gathering them here. Most are behind paywalls – newspapers have to make money somehow – but some are accessible for free.

On July 30, I reviewed Daniel Isenberg’s new book Worthless, Impossible, Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture Extraordinary Value for the WSJ. It has some interesting and inspiring stories in it, though I felt Isenberg got rather tangled in trying to justify the financial motivations of many successful entrepreneurs. He seemed loath to admit that Gordon Gekko was right, that in a free market, greed, very often, is good. It makes the whole system work.

On May 22, I reviewed Rolf Dobelli’s The Art of Thinking Clearly, a compendium of behavioral psychology and neuroscience findings of the past two decades, and on June 24 Adam Lebor’s interesting history of the Bank of International Settlements, The Tower of Basel, both for the WSJ.

July 1, I wrote an oped in the WSJ, Big Data Hasn’t Changed Everything, in which I tried to explain the limits of big data. Yes, it has extraordinary potential in all kinds of scientific and business fields. But I fear it becoming another passing management fad. Ultimately, there’s a limit on how much data even the most sophisticated manager can absorb.

I’ve also been cranking away for the Financial Times’ peerless management pages. You can read all my FT pieces here.

August 6th 2013: The new breed of education startups.

July 29, on the leadership style of Pope Francis.

July 24th on which perks work and which don’t.

July 15th, new thinking on grabbing and wielding corporate power.

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