Englishmen Abroad

The Wall Street Journal was good enough to ask me to list a few books which have been meaningful to me. I chose the theme Englishmen Abroad, having lived away from England since 1998.

You can read the piece here.

And happy holidays.


Are MBA MOOCs any good?

I reviewed Wharton’s free MBA MOOCs and a couple of others in the FT last week.

There’s real promise in these things, but a way to go yet. Still a lot of content dumping with not enough consideration of how students might actually complete the courses, or what collectively they add up to. A real MBA alternative, for free? Something employers take seriously? Or are the big MBA programs just doing what those threatened with disruption always do, push out a few experiments in the hope that’ll be enough to stop the threat?

One of my favorites, the ultra-deadpan Christian Terwiesch on Operations Management.