Are MBA MOOCs any good?

I reviewed Wharton’s free MBA MOOCs and a couple of others in the FT last week.

There’s real promise in these things, but a way to go yet. Still a lot of content dumping with not enough consideration of how students might actually complete the courses, or what collectively they add up to. A real MBA alternative, for free? Something employers take seriously? Or are the big MBA programs just doing what those threatened with disruption always do, push out a few experiments in the hope that’ll be enough to stop the threat?

One of my favorites, the ultra-deadpan Christian Terwiesch on Operations Management.


One thought on “Are MBA MOOCs any good?

  1. Carl Schramm

    Dear Philip I am dying to read this but can’t open. Is it in the print edition, if so, I’ll have to bundle up and walk what seem like 3000 miles to the road.. hey, any news on Bo, I’m worried.. Lots of nice things going on in my life… Carl


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