North Country Public Radio & curiosity

The Adirondacks’ wonderful North Country Public Radio aired an interview about the Omnium Gatherum this week. Brian Mann was good enough to meet me by the Raquette Lake General Store and talk over donuts and coffee, before kayaking off. It was wonderful to be back at Raquette Lake, which was my first introduction to the Adirondacks when I went to write about diving mules for The Spectator in 1998 or so.

The guiding theme of the Omnium Gatherum is that curiosity propels the most interesting lives. It’s why I quote William Blake on the first page: Energy is Eternal Delight.IMG_0913 (2).jpg

So it was wonderful to read The Financial Times’ high living agony uncle, David Tang, last month:

I regard a privileged upbringing to be one that is filled with curiosity. This curiosity might be a genetic condition or one that somehow been cultivated in an individual. But it doesn’t matter how it has come about. All I know is that I am eternally grateful for my innate sense of curiosity for, without it, I might well have passed a meaningless or futile life, not knowing anything and not really enjoying the use of our imagination which is the linchpin of life itself. Privilege is curiosity.

Then standing in the Hudson News in Grand Central Station yesterday afternoon, I read an interview with the private equity titan, Henry Kravis, in Bloomberg Markets. He was asked what advice he’d like to have given his younger self.

If I can take one thing other than integrity and instill that in people, I’d want it to be curiosity. Because to me, people who are curious are going to be better investors and better stewards of others’ money. If there’s no curiosity, you’re basically doing something that’s already been done by someone else.

Photograph of the ever curious Henry Kravis by Daniel Shea for Bloomberg Markets

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