If you’re still short on Christmas presents – Adirondack Life Feature on Charlie Whistler

The excellent North Country reporter Brian Mann was good enough to write about Charlie Whistler’s Omnium Gatherum in Adirondack Lifethe magazine for lovers of this great wilderness. He notes that I was “sheepish” about admitting that I first visited the Adirondacks in order to write about mule diving for The Spectator. And that the donuts of Raquette Lake were a big draw. Keen and accurate observations. You can read the whole 4 page piece here: adirondack-life-land-of-make-believe. adirondack-life-land-of-make-believe



FT columns etc.

Since October, my FT columns, in reverse order, have tackled:





Fake news


Hedge funds

Spinal Tap


I also reviewed Eugene Soltes’ excellent book about white collar crime for the WSJ.

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