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North Country Public Radio & curiosity

The Adirondacks' wonderful North Country Public Radio aired an interview about the Omnium Gatherum this week. Brian Mann was good enough to meet me by the Raquette Lake General Store and talk over donuts and coffee, before kayaking off. It was wonderful to be back at Raquette Lake, which was my first introduction to the Adirondacks… Continue reading North Country Public Radio & curiosity

Charlie Whistler reviewed in the WSJ:

Meghan Cox Gurdon is very enthusiastic about the Omnium Gatherum in The Wall Street Journal today. A fine start to the Memorial Day Weekend for C. Whistler. If you were to distill the several essences of Adirondack forests, invigorating lake waters, family traditions and a zest for life, and then capture them in the form of a book,… Continue reading Charlie Whistler reviewed in the WSJ: